Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's going on.

For the past 9 weeks we have been busy buying our first home, which is a condo townhouse out from the city. We close on May 10th, which happens to be our 5th wedding anniversary, so I can gratefully boast that my husband bought me a house for our anniversary.
In the meantime, I'm on pace to be doing the exact same thing I was doing this time last year...packing.
And as the discussion went with my mom last week, some people Spring Clean every year, I just pack up and move the junk. :)
Which apparantly is what my parents did quite frequently in their early years so I don't feel so bad. And as my husband and I thought of our moves from place to place in the short time we've been married, it seemed to fit right in with other young couples we know who are not in the military.
We are just thankful that the Lord has always provided us with a new place at exactly the right time.
In other news, our female cat is in heat AGAIN! The second time in 3 weeks! The howling is annoying, but the mating postures are doubly unpleasant. My husband as already declared that Nico is the last pet we will ever have.
So goes the life.

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