Tuesday, April 03, 2007

God's Sovereignty over Government Paperwork

For those who know my situation, we are praising God that my health card arrived yesterday. We are also thankful that he kept me healthy during these last few months without health coverage.
Also, my American passport after being reissued a week ago without the correct name was sent back for revising. It should be arriving on my doorstep,(after being over-nighted at no expense to me)tomorrow morning. Then I will send a copy of it to Immigration Canada as another step in obtaining my Permanent Resident card.
All of this should reduce the number of documents we pack when we cross the border.


  1. Excellent.....you're slowly becoming one of us:-)

    What was the name on the passport?

    I'm glad for your blog......keeps me up-to-date on you guys.Now if you and your other half would only master answering emails.......Mommy........how could you leave that suffering little guy????!!!!


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