Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This is a thought provoking post by Irish Calvinist, Erik Raymond, entitled Note to self about sharing the gospel.
Here's an excerpt:
How differently would I live my life if I lived in France? If I was a missionary in France I would walk the streets, go to the shops, restaurants and marketplace with the expressed goal of evangelism. Sadly, I have slowly drifted away from this number one priority.
So I am encouraged greatly with this recent dose of conviction, served up by the Holy Spirit. Yesterday we were at a shopping mall and I had the opportunity to talk with two men at different stores about the gospel. Their response was so encouraging. One gentleman was saying how he has been recently identifying the fact that his religious views did not bring hope. Through our conversation he willfully admitted that the biblical gospel does indeed bring hope. This is the type of thing that flames the embers for me. In addition, last night I heard Christie on the phone evangelizing someone out of state. I know that my laziness rubs off on her, and so to my zeal. So husbands, know that you are leading and you are accountable. This scares me.
I am thankful today for an increased burden and obligation to talk of Christ to others. To see everyone I meet as a gospel prospect, those who need to hear of the love and grace of Jesus. I need to remind myself that I am a missionary here in Omaha and wherever God brings me and that my job is to at all times have my words and actions pointing to the King. Join me in praying for better eyesight to see the opportunities that God has given us, along with a more faithful and burdened heart to walk in this path of faithful and zealous evangelism.

The ensuing comments left by a poster identified as Omaha Catholic were interesting and Erik's responses are helpful

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