Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Jars of Clay

My husband and I attended a show Monday night where Leigh Nash and Jars of Clay were the main acts. We had a great time despite having to leave our sick son in the capable hands of close friends. We noted that the show drew fans of varied ages which might surprise some who think loud music and light shows are only for the "younger" crowds.
The opening act was a performance by Leigh Nash, formerly of Sixpence None the Richer, now on a solo album. She sang about six songs accompanied by two members of the Jars band who provided her with music. She has a very unique and soothing voice. It was a great way to start the night.
Following Leigh Nash was a "warm-up" band out of South Carolina, Need to Breathe. They were okay, but too loud for my tastes.
By 9pm, they had the house lights back on as they set the stage for Jars of Clay. And within 20 minutes the band was on stage, 'rockin the house'.
While I'm not a follower of the band, my husband is, so the music is played quite frequently in our house, often by my husband's guitar strumming.
So I did recognize and know most of the songs and was able to sing along on the choruses.

After performing for over an hour, the band finished up and headed off stage. But with the crowd clamoring for more and chanting "Jars-of-Clay", the band reappeared much to everyone's pleasure. They played a few more songs, including one with Leigh Nash and then they asked for song choices. As the crowd yelled out suggestions, the informal nature of the concert became more apparent. At one point, the lead singer laughingly shoved the mike towards the audience, not just to hear us sing along, which he had done several times before, but because he forgot some lyrics to the crowd-pick.

Those type of moments made the show seem unique rather than just a generic set list dictating the performance. The show finally ended around 11pm with the audience singing the last notes. It was a great night out together for us. Thanks Norma for tending our sick little boy.

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