Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby stuff

Baby K has had frequent and loose bowel movements for the past three weeks, but without being sick or in discomfort. I had planned on taking her to see our family doctor this past week but she picked up her brother's stuffy nose and I didn't want to expose her to more germs in the doctor's office. Plus we have held off on getting her shots and I know the doctor will feel compelled to speak about it. So I read up and decided to make a change in her formula to see if that had any effect. So this morning I opened up the new can and she has now had three feeds and so far, no bowel movement, which I take as an encouraging sign.
Apparently according to the dietitian, bacteria can sometimes be found in the powdered formula. Perhaps that is culprit. Of course as a mom, it makes me feel lousy for even using formula at all, but there it is.
I am hoping that her body resumes its normal consistency without any ill effects.


  1. love the blog! periwinkle is my favorite color:)

  2. I did it!!.. got images from the web!!! I feel SO high tech!!, thanks teacher.
    Love, Norma.

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Me too... Printed them up to show everybody!



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