Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garbage day round-up

It's Thursday which for our almost five year old son is a cartoon morning. And for me, it's a chance to get my act together for the day. It also happens to be garbage day again and while my husband faithfully takes out the garbage and recycling, there is usually always more stuff that I know I want to put out. Today, I am parting with Thomas the train boxes that I have saved for several years through all our moves. Today is cardboard and I am going to flatten them and send them packing. It will give my basement storage closet more room and less opportunities for things to crash to the floor upon entry. I have been working very hard at eliminating the stuff in all my closets and have found much to discard which leaves some shelves spaciously empty.
The driving force behind my uncluttered living posts in recent weeks stems from only one thought and I hope to share that overarching thought in the next few days.


  1. Thanks so much for the info...I fixed the Amazing Grace Adoptions link if you wanted to check it out!:)

  2. heather -
    thanks for the comment on my site stuff christians like. I will be doing a post on sword drills soon.
    there's actually a search field built in up in the upper left corner of the page.


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