Wednesday, May 21, 2008

D.A. Carson's Dad

Back in May of 2004, my husband and I attended a Sola Scriptura conference in Moncton, New Brunswick where D.A.(Don) Carson was speaking. We really enjoyed his messages and I have listened to them several times since then. Moving to Ontario, we met an older couple who knew Tom Carson, Don Carson's father. They spoke highly of Mr. Carson and of his difficult pastoral work in Quebec. Don Carson has since written a book about his father's life entitled Memoirs of An Ordinary Pastor that we plan on reading. A few months ago, Pastor John Piper wrote about his invitation to Carson to speak at their pastor's conference about his father's pastoral ministry amongst French-Canadians. Piper briefly explains:
I thought that he should come and make these lectures a part of his effort to honor his father.
Read the post in its entirety.
Some well written reviews of the book that I have read are
Carson's Moving Memoirs and Ordinary Pastor

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