Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011-2012 prep

Here's the current to-do list for the upcoming year:

- Read through Writing With Ease and select literature copywork. (I decided to not get the student workbook and pick my own copywork this year.)
- Watch Teaching the Classics dvds and read through accompanying text.
- Select new poetry for memory work, liking Henry Wadsworth Longfellow a lot right now. Looking into other books in series for ideas.
- Adding to Memory Work list, Nicene Creed (Presbyterian version), Book of 1 John.
- Go over Heidi's Book Lists compiled from her website into my own list mashed with other found reading lists. It's a rough, rough draft, but if you're interested I can clean it up a bit and email it to you.
-Work on Science lessons.
- Finish Seth's Chore Schedule. (just a few household chores to encourage a good attitude for work; gleaning from Created for Work.)
- Working on History lessons through The Middle Ages.(I rearrange order of lessons) Made it up to the Vikings so far. Incorporating church history people and events. Will post resource list soon.
- Printing figures for our wall timeline.

There's more of course, but this is the list I'm working on this week and next.

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