Wednesday, July 13, 2011

enjoying creation

The dead bumblebee on the path to our house was just the encouragement I needed to go search out insect collecting gear and display cases. Pleased with such a find, we picked up the lifeless body, admittedly gingerly in case the little guy was just snoozing and would wake up mad. He truly was a goner so we inspected him with our magnifying glass once we go him in the door. He now sits up and away from the girls' busy hands ready to be pinned into a brand new display case. And we are on the lookout for new specimens to add to the collection, preferrably ones that have already expired. The new butterfly net was a great success and many moths and butterflies were merrily chased around with a select few being snagged and admired for part of the day before being released back into the Pennsylvania air.
We also have a growing rock collection to take care of and an ongoing seashell collection which needs space and attention. Don't tell Seth, but I think I like the collecting and organizing of the specimens more than he does. Why else do you think I bought this fun stuff for him? :)

I also picked these two books up and need to get the one on Butterflies and Moths. Very good for beginners like us.

Acorn Naturalists

Home Science Tools

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