Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is God

Last night, I came across this verse in my Bible reading and instantly felt like I had discovered something quite important to me.  This morning, I looked up Matthew Henry's commentary on this passage and I quote him extensively in the following two paragraphs. I urge you to read with an open mind if you are not accustomed to hearing God's actions described in this manner.  I sincerely hope it causes you to worship God anew as it has for me as I have been meditating on this throughout my day.
We must see and acknowledge the hand of God in all the calamities that befal us at any time, whether personal or public, Lam. 3:37,38. This is here laid down as a great truth, which will help to quiet our spirits under our afflictions and to sanctify them to us. 1.That, whatever men's actions are, it is God that overrules them: Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass(that designs a thing and bring his designs to effect), if the Lord commandeth it not? Men can do nothing but according to the counsel of God, nor have any power or success but what is given them from above. A man's heart devises his way; he projects and purposes; he says that he will do so and so (James 4:13) but the Lord directs his steps far otherwise than he designed them, and what he contrived and expected does not come to pass, unless it be what God's hand and his counsel had determined before to be done, Prov. 16:9; Jer. 10:23.
The Chaldeans said that they would destroy Jerusalem, and it came to pass, not because they said it, but because God commanded it and commissioned them to do it. Note, Men are but tools which the great God makes use of, and manages as he pleases, in the government of this lower world; and they cannot accomplish any of their designs without him. 2. That, whatever men's lot is, it is God that orders it: Out of the mouth of the Most High do not evil and good proceed? Yes, certainly they do; and it is more emphatically expressed in the original: Do not this evil, and this good, proceed out of the mouth of the Most High? Is it not what he has ordained and appointed for us? Yes, certainly it is; and for the reconciling of us to our own afflictions, whatever they be, this general truth must thus be particularly applied. This comfort I receive from the hand of God, and shall I not receive that evil also? so Job argues, Job 2:10 Are we healthful or sickly, rich or poor? Do we succeed in our designs, or are we crossed in them? It is all what God orders; every man's judgment proceeds from him. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; he forms the light and creates the darkness, as he did at first. Note, All the events of divine Providence are the products of a divine counsel; whatever is done God has the directing of it, and the works of his hands agree with the words of his mouth; he speaks, and it is done, so easily, so effectually are all his purposes fulfilled.
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  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    PRAISE GOD!! It was a GREAT BLESSING to me to see that you are a believer in the Sovereignty of Our Great God and Savior!! What Joy it brought to my soul to read your article on Lam. 3:3. Such a teaching should bring comfort and joy to the heart of every true Christian, knowing that our GOD has only our good in His decrees for our earthly existence!! Sometimes it is hard to see His benevolence thru our veil of tears, heartache and sorrow, but...Joy comes, and will come in the Morning, as we trust His Loving Hand in the Providence He has decreed for each of us!! This is part and parcel of walking by Faith.....Thank You, my sister in The LORD..Donna


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