Thursday, June 21, 2012

the veg garden tour 2012

Here we are with the long-promised garden tour post.  Let's start next to the gate.
Remember all those lettuce seedlings? Most of it was the Bronze Arrowhead variety and they are doing quite nicely now.  The pink flowers flanking the garden are vinca and they are mostly serving as a colorful deterrent to two busy girls who would really like to play in Mama's garden.

Here are the three varieties of lettuce growing this year:  (from left to right: romaine, bronze arrowhead and little gem)

This is my tomato patch with nine plants loving this current heat wave.  The three on the left are super-sweet orangey yellow Sun Sugar mini cherry-sized. The next three are larger slicing tomatoes, I think. And the last row on the right has two of my plants started from seed, one of which was ravaged by a caterpillar before I found the thing and sent it packing.  I have noticed some new growth in recent days so hopefully it can recover.

This is Romaine Row which I purchased as plants and we have been eating it the most.  I wish I had planted two rows; it tastes so yummy.

This is a row of peas growing along the inside of the fence.  Something is eating the lower leaves but they are gaining height so I don't think I'll worry yet.  

These are three yellow sweet pepper plants I bought on a complete impulse and they are making me so happy with their flowers and fruit.  I haven't tried peppers since my first veg garden several years back but so far they are doing very well.

After despairing over their slow germination, the yellow wax beans are now making up for it.  There are new leaves everyday and the plants are just loving the morning shower and warm sunshine.

I planted eight cucumber plants this year after a disappointing yield-amount last year.  They usually climb the fence alongside the peas.

I am dabbling in herbs this year, inspired by my addiction of watching episodes of River Cottage on YouTube.  Seen above is parsley, sage and oregano.  I'm also growing spearmint as usual, for my many batches of homemade iced tea consumed daily by me.

Growing just outside the gate is another row of peas marching along the fence with three broccoli plants grown by my friend Janice.  On the far end and wrapping around the corner are three golden zucchini plants and two pumpkin plants which are ridiculously close to everything else.  When they start to take off, I will be in trouble for sure.  
And with that omen hanging over us, that completes Veg Garden Tour 2012.  Next up will be The First Annual Play Garden 2012.  Or depending on how it goes this year, The First and Only Play Garden 2012.  It awaits several uncompleted projects both which require power tools and Daddy.

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