Monday, June 04, 2012

Pentecost celebration

I was trying to plan something to celebrate Pentecost in our home as part of our liturgical calendar year but had no real insight so I put it aside. On the following Monday, I found this helpful post by Dawn describing her family's Pentecost celebration. Shane ended up not being home for dinner that night so we celebrated on Tuesday with candles and birthday cupcakes and singing the hymn, The Church's One Foundation together. Seth enjoyed the candles and understood the significance of the flames. Laura asked to blow them out and she did. With a few quick huffs and a few quick puffs, all the candles went out!
On the previous day, Seth and I had spent some time reading and recounting Jesus' ascension(celebrated the Sunday before Pentecost) and the subsequent coming of the Holy Spirit to the Jerusalem believers. We discussed that the church year is over for us, and the next event to begin to mark will be Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. I have never been organized well enough to mark Advent, but I do hope to do so this year as the Old Testament fulfillment passages are so interesting to study and learn about.
Also, last year, several online families mentioned using Handel's Messiah to guide them through their Advent preparation. I love to listen to that piece of music, so I plan on incorporating that into our Advent studies as well.

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