Tuesday, August 28, 2012

family vacation, part two

First round of photos were posted here.

I know I posted this one already, but I like it so much!

On some walking trails behind Daddy's old elementary school.

Visiting with the Anderson clan, some of whom are well-armed!

And making good  friends with Rodney. (Thanks Chantelle for a great photo.)

Swimming in Rodney's pool.

Thinking about it..


Not quite ready.

Visiting more good friends...and their new beautiful house!

Going to "Skinnies" for ice cream and fun.

Yes, indeedy.  Lots of fun around here!

See, more Fun.

Wayyy more fun!!

Someone else likes Fun too!

And this kind of Fun too.

And there's some more.

Lots and lots of croquet at Nannie and Grampie's.

Always aiming right for the croquet game, of course.

definitely double-trouble.

hanging out together.

Getting acquainted with going to restaurants.

Wearing shoes on Nannie's armchair, sorry about that.

Chess with Grampie.

Making more friends who obviously like the same things.
On our way home through Maine.

Just happening upon Paul Bunyan after listening to his stories in the car.

Love water wheels!

Traveling through the stormy White Mountains.

Overnight stay in New Hampshire.

And one last thrilling family photo before finishing the long ride home!


  1. Wonderful vacation photos! I love the matching outfits on the girls!
    Hopefully we will see you at Silver Lake :)

  2. You have a wonderful family! These photos are amazing!! <3


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