Monday, August 27, 2012

the knowledge of God

Some of the "Israelites" enjoying their "morning manna" in the wilderness.

I am gearing up to teach Sunday School again at our church this time with an age group of four and five, which will include many of the children in my class from last year. I have been pondering all summer how I can continue to incorporate Charlotte Mason's methods into our lesson time. Last year with the age ranging from two to four, I found keeping attention and interest was fairly easy(with others helping) until we handed out the coloring page.
This year I have been planning on incorporating group narration after I present the Bible story, which means the children will, with each other's help, retell the story with as much detail as they can remember.  My hope is that through narration, the story's details and teaching will not be forgotten and that the narration will encourage the children to retell it again and again to family members and friends. Having given this much thought in recent weeks, I was delighted and surprised last week to read the following post that though not directly relating to Sunday school was helpful and inspiring as I continue to plan for my time with the children.

 Living Mason's Ideas at VBS

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