Monday, August 20, 2012

life after the garden...

We came home from our vacation to find the tomato vines bearing a ton of ripe tomatoes.  I only took one quick photo before getting right to work to get the garden back in shape.  I feel a bit double minded because I sense autumn is in the cool, breezy air and I love that time of year, but I really want the warm summer sun to keep shining to keep the garden producing.  So I feel a bit guilty when I linger over thoughts, photos and posts with pumpkins and acorns and fall leaves and warm comfort foods.  I have resolved to allow myself to plan some fall meals and baking since the weather is much more comfortable to be working in the kitchen, but I am still nurturing and caring for each fruit in the garden and hoping that the fresh veg keeps coming.  I just don't want it to know that I have plans for when it is no more.

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  1. Sandy Neumann7:55 PM

    Love your Prone to Wander blog.
    I love Fall too, but I have a lot of green tomatoes on the vine that I want to ripen, so hope that the weather stays warm for awhile.
    Thanks for sharing your blog with everyone. It is a lot of fun to read your excellent writing skills
    Love Sandy


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