Friday, September 26, 2014

a reminder about the gospel

"Miss Mason encourages parents to be the ones who shape their child’s reverence for God by their own words and actions, and mentions the need to pray for them.  She imagines that moment when a child is miserable because of his misdeeds, and his mother has the opportunity to tell him about the hope found only in Christ."
‘My poor little boy, you have been very naughty today! Could you not help it?’  ‘No, mother,’ with sobs.  ‘No, I suppose not; but there is a way of help.’ And then the mother tells her child how the Lord Jesus is our Saviour, because He saves us from our sins. (Home Education, p. 351)
I read Karen Glass' article several days ago which was very enlightening, but this passage convicted me especially. I fear I have often neglected bringing my children to see the way of help when dealing with a disciplinary issue. How could I forget in the midst of some act of disobedience that they need the gospel most of all?

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  1. If only I really lived out what I know intellectually is the doctrine of The Bible. If I handled each disciplinary issue in light of the finality of the Cross, the completeness of His work, in the light of the Father's complete sovereignty over even the smallest of our burdens. How liberating it would be to show the children the only "way to help."'s talk talk talk... rant, yell... I know Miss Mason was tell me to just BE STILL and quiet. Thanks for a timely post.

    PS - Hey, I recognize that waterfront.


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