Wednesday, September 03, 2014

summer summation: June in Pennsylvania

The kids and I spent close to two weeks in Pennsylvania at my parents' home enjoying their company and working on decluttering their attic spaces. We took time to revisit Steamtown Historic Site in Scranton which was where my Dad's father worked for the Rail Industry in the Roundhouse on site. We also found that the train my father(and my Uncle David) drove as a young boy in Nay Aug Park, was preserved and moved to the museum. Watching my Dad inspect and relive this part of his childhood was quite endearing.
We also went back up to the now-empty zoo area of Nay Aug Park where my Dad visited and rode some of the animals as a young boy. The Tree House that has been built since spans the walking trails and swimming hole my Dad dove into back in the day. Life was, as everyone knows, much different for most children back then. It is close to the same area that Anthony Esolen describes as his childhood home in his book Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child.
In between our attic work, there were wild black-raspberry picking expeditions, impromptu 'puppet' theater shows and general scampering around the acreage that surrounds my parents' home. More to come in a post on July.

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