Wednesday, September 03, 2014

summer summation: July in Pennsylvania

The zipline that Seth and Laura both went down.

Water pump from our old neighbors who didn't have running water

My childhood home until age twelve.

The girls spent some time mastering the trees in my parents' front yard. Kate seemed ready to sail off down the hill and Laura pleased herself by climbing ridiculously high up.
The embroidery hanging above the mantle is my mother's handiwork from many years ago. I just love it and her beautiful orchids that spend a lot time in bloom.
While Lego is not my passion, I could certainly appreciate the amazing firefighter display at the local toy store, perhaps even more than our Lego-crazed eleven year old son.
And the strawberry plants behind my parents' back deck were ripening enough for a small juicy handful throughout the days.
The lap desk is a vintage piece built by my mother's father and although first used by my older brother, according to my memories, it was often put into service when I was recuperating in bed from a sickness and needed a place to color. And I will forever associate it with coke syrup given for upset tummies and a huge coloring book of Americana pages.
The Moravian buildings and lovely grounds in Bethlehem, have always been a go-to place for me since I was a teenager. I would go just to sit and soak up the beauty of the outdoor sights before heading into delight in the beauty of the indoor store sights. I try to visit there each year and of course, my kids and mother love to go too.
The Fourth of July brought Shane and the neighborhood fireworks and now our real holiday was almost underway. A trip to the beach. But first a few days hanging around with Daddy and exploring the neighborhood.


  1. That LEGO creation is pretty fabulous. I showed my Isaac and he marveled over your photos for at least ten minutes. He had all sorts of things to say about it and what types of bricks were used. (Also, I read your comment in an another post about the LEGO magazines. I feel the SAME WAY. As much as I appreciate LEGO for their creative value for my boys, I can't stand those magazines.)

  2. Those are just lovely picks, I love the cross stitch sampler and the writing slate - I find it hard to believe you haven't pinched them to bring over the border.....

    Although intellectually I agree with the critical-Lego-mag-assessment, the 60 minutes of silence that comes when that magazine is discovered in our mailbox is a lovely thing....the demands for cool new sets for days and days afterward.... that is less lovely.

  3. KellyinPA8:22 AM

    I love your pictures of Bethlehem, PA. I am thinking it would make a lovely day trip for my husband and I. Can you recommend any shops and restaurants that we shouldn't miss? Thank you;)


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