Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter weekend

River movement, moss, rocks, trees and comfortable cool, fresh air, all enjoyed and delighted over this weekend. I wandered around in my rain boots breathing in the spring scents and admiring the plush green carpet of moss under my feet and clinging to rocks and trees. Exhilarating. 

It was wonderful to celebrate Easter Sunday with this dear church family that we call home. Yes, we are meeting in a theater. It was originally an Anglican church but was bought by a theater company to use as their practice stage.
The flowering cross was made by good friends after they read a book by the same name together as a family. And the homemade cookies and table decor were all beautiful laid out by Lia, another talented friend.

As you can see, I had some fun hiding some of the candy eggs this year. Perhaps a little too much fun. But we only do this once a year, it seemed a shame to only use the usual hiding places.
The unfortunate dinosaur scene did seem to paint those creatures in a bad light. I'm sure their egg hunts were all very civil and orderly.
The geese managed to draw a crowd with their gaping interest in the egg cart. The pony especially seemed to need a fair amount of convincing that his cargo was much needed here at this address. It was the squire that spoke just the right words that calmed him down.
And we all know that at this time of year, birds only lay chocolate eggs which is why the crows are always after their nests.
Perhaps most disturbing was the camel trying to pass off his humps as just mounds of fat, when clearly he had already indulged in a couple of eggs. Good thing we had a ton to spare and no children were unhappy because of his indiscretion.

In the late afternoon, I made soup with kielbasa, carrots and potatoes, garlic ciabatta bread, and vanilla lime bundt cake with lime glaze which we packed up and took to share with friends. They added some delicious appetizers and wine and we enjoyed some much down time together with our families. These perfectly purple tulips were in their powder room, so classy and so welcome.
A great weekend filled many of our favorite things. 

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