Friday, April 03, 2015

maple sugaring

We were invited by our friends, Jason and Kathleen, to come to the cottage for a Saturday of maple sap boiling. Kathleen took most of the outdoor photos, I only ventured out once in the early morning and then later right before we left. The warmth of the wood fire and the need to help keep the workers fed and watered kept me inside. It was delightful. All the kids slept in the same room, Kate too this time. She shared the bottom bunk with Laura and it seemed to go alright with the bed gate to keep her safely on the bed. It is a homey cottage with vintage furnishings, books and artwork in every room. We are always to thankful to be invited and have warm Christian fellowship with all of us together. And they sent us home a large mason jar of maple syrup which is precious gold. Thank you again, you two.

(The last few vertical shots of the inside of the cottage rooms were taken with our new phone while Kathleen used the regular camera. It was my first time using the camera, so forgive some of the strange angles.)

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  1. What a lovely time you all had! And, yes, there is still a lot of snow around!


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