Friday, April 01, 2016

post haste

I cannot seem to find the right amount of time and ambition to get this post the way I want it. I have a ton of pictures that I wanted to share and others that I wanted to take, but that will have to be for another post.
For now, here is some of the play that Laura creates, the outfits that Kate picks out, the tv nights that our kids have when we go to small group study night, the bits of green that are being seen around our house, the chocolate that we are finishing, and the weather roller-coaster that keeps us on our toes and makes our closet organizing a major nightmare.
We are busy with our lessons and somehow, when I counted earlier this week, it appears we only have ten weeks of lessons to go before summer break. It will be a tight fit for our history readings and Ivanhoe, but I am hopeful that we can complete the books and still remember what was studied.
The snow from my garden is gone except for about one shoveful, the logs piled up in it from our cedar tree however have not melted. Someone is making plans for their removal, so the short window of Tonka play can commence, as long as the rows of sprouting garlic are undisturbed.


  1. Lovely pics, as usual. good to see you have an Aussie represented here! We had a wallaby (a bit smaller than a kangaroo but very similar) & its joey in the backyard at Easter. So cute.

  2. Carol, it's so hard for me to think about these animals being naturally wild to you! For us, they are exotic!


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