Tuesday, April 26, 2016

spring things

Pretty much after I said I was feeling better, I wasn't. And Seth and Laura each had a bit of stomach flu on Friday while I descended into some version of the flu Friday and Saturday which took me to bed for most of both of those days. I recovered enough to get up on Saturday afternoon to order pizza, make cookies and prepare for a Sunday School lesson.
Sunday we were hosted for lunch by a church family who has two boys close to Seth's age, so a baseball game broke out in the afternoon at the park across the street from their home. Kate and I formed the cheering bench.
It was a lovely time. But I've been nursing a sore throat since Sunday afternoon. So yesterday I made my first batch of brewed iced tea for this year, minus the mint, although I used one peppermint tea bag along with the other regular black tea bags to give it the illusion of mint. It has helped soothe my throat since I realized my hot tea drinks were not. Yes, it has sugar, but lots of lemon juice and it's cold.
Yesterday, Laura took to the garden to plant a pine cone and build a drum kit out of tree stumps and plastic cups. A bit of loose parts play for sure.
In other news, buds are starting to break open and show all manner of colorful foliage. And my bulbs are just starting to burst open with color. Off to do some reading in my jammies.

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  1. Hope you are better now that May is here!


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