Wednesday, April 06, 2016

the days go by

Play, play and more play. That's what stands out when I see all these photos coming from our camera folder. Our kids do watch tv and play games on tablets and Playstation, so I can't claim that they have an unplugged childhood like I did. But since we have set times for those activities, I am mostly content that they understand the value of unplugged play.  I hope they have good memories of their childhood play like I do of mine. It also helps that when we leave the house for shopping, appointments, or whatever, we leave our devices at home. Our cell phone isn't available to them since we only use it for phone, camera and occasional texting.
In other news of occasional use, I now have reading glasses. A pack of three from Costco. I only need them when I am already wearing my contacts and the print is too fine. But that didn't stop my husband from teasing me about my aging issues as you can see by the birthday card he picked for me.
After a chilly fall and dark winter, my tea chest was totally depleted. I am now back in business with a full selection which is comforting. Although I did run out of my regular Lipton tea last week, (pantry fail) and had to buy Red Rose. Umm, I can't tell the difference. So maybe my snobbiness for Lipton is over and was totally unfounded. Who knew?
Don't you just love that floral bag? I found that at the Old Navy outlet in our area and I have been using it almost every time I leave the house, although I'm careful about where I put it down since the bottom is not lined. No more using the grocery bags, which are nice in their own way, but this is for me to enjoy as something comfortable and feminine.
I'm still a bit behind on posting photos as most of these are from several weeks ago now. We are having a spring snow storm tonight, so my flower and vegetable gardens will have a setback and we will be watching the snow all melt away, again. But the snow is pretty, especially along the river and the geese aren't giving up, so I'm not either. Real spring is on its way and the mosquitoes will be here before I'm ready for them, which is never.


  1. Hi Heather, I'm wondering if you've written anything on choosing books or curriculum/schedules and such? My oldest will be Jr. k age this coming fall so I'm starting to think more about such practical things. I love Charlotte Mason's ideas and have already read a few books related to her methods. I also have perused Sonlight catalogues and was given a box with quite a few of their kindergarten selections and an instructor's guide but I wonder if I'd find following that too intense for my liking. I guess I'd like to have a Charlotte-Mason inspired homeschool but I'm also the type who likes somewhat of a detailed plan. Would love to see how others work that out if you've written anything along those lines or could point me to others who have. :)

    1. Oh, P.S. I loove that floral tote bag!

    2. I'm so glad to know that you are interested in persuing a CM/classical education for your little ones.
      Have you been to the Ambleside Online(AO)site? The wonderful ladies there have provided so much help in getting started. I will give you the link to Year 1 since I assume that's close to where you would be starting. But you can navigate around the site for whatever you need.
      There are detailed schedules for each year to help you plan when to read what books and which chapters when. If this is not what you are looking for, let me know and I will try again. :)

      We love our floral prints, don't we? :)

    3. I have been on the Ambleside site just briefly before but didn't realize they had more to offer than lists of suggested books! What a great resource, thanks for sharing that link! Should keep me busy for a while :)

      In answer to your question on instagram, we're hoping to move closer to or in Ottawa but we'll see what happens! I would like to pick up blogging again eventually so maybe some of this will find it's way into writing at some point :)


    4. Stephanie,
      We'll have to talk about your moving plans via email. Exciting!

    5. Yes, if our house sells we'll have to get in contact :)

  2. I like your turntable!

    (And the bag.)

  3. Sounds like my husband...and my daughter's bed & floor looks like your daughter's. I NEVER run out of tea.

    1. Carol,
      These guys! And yes, her room is a constant balance in a creative play space and a mess. Habit training is in full swing.
      Coffee drinking gets so much attention, it's nice to have fellow tea drinkers!


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