Wednesday, January 28, 2009

two loaves

My mother gave me her Kitchen Aid mixer at Christmas that she has never used and I could hardly wait to mix up some bread dough. However she forgot to pack some of the accessories like the dough hook and the instruction manual so she brought the rest of the stuff last week. On Tuesday, we officially were out of bread but the recipe I wanted to try called for powdered milk which I do not have or use. So I checked the basic white bread recipe and decided to try for that one on Wednesday. A-n-d everything came out great! I substituted some of the bread flour for some organic whole wheat flour that I wanted to use up and used a couple of tablespoons of my organic sugar and both worked fine. The only thing I need now is bigger loaf pans as the bottom of the loaves are noticeably smaller than the the top.
But it tastes yummy and the mixer did most of the work! Thank you, Mom!

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  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    You're welcome =)
    The bread looks delicious and beau-ti-ful!
    I bought some fresh organic bread flour today and fresh yeast to dump into the bread machine for a fresh loave of bread for your dad and me. I'll probably gain 10 pounds enjoying it.!!!!... hopefully tomorrow.
    Glad to read about baby K's improvement.
    Will call U. =)))


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