Wednesday, January 28, 2009

an update and a prayer

For my dear praying friends, Baby K continues to struggle to breathe and feed, although she herself is happy and laughing. I spoke with the doctor yesterday who performed the surgery expressing concern for amount of mucus and blood still coming from her nose. The doctor explained that the mucus and blood are in response to the inflammation in her nasal passages and elsewhere. And once the inflammation goes down the mucus should also clear up. Also she explained that we may not see any changes in Baby K's eyes until everything settles down. Although the procedure may not have been successful, but she felt it was too early to say for sure. Children with Down Syndrome often need to have the procedure repeated as the ducts and passages close back up. So we continue to pray that her recovery will be complete and that we will not have to repeat this again, but we know that the Lord may have different plans for our baby.
In the meantime, I was out on Monday getting blood work done for the midwives office and a quick haircut while my mother stayed an extra day due to her car needing some repairs. As I was nearing the end of my haircut, the door to the salon opened and I looked up to see who my stylist was speaking to and it was our pastor. He needed to return something that he had purchased and he was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He told the stylist, "This is another one of the wonderful people in our congregation, you should come check us out." I was smiling at his bold witness and eager invitation. He came over and asked how are we were doing. (On Sunday, because I was the only Sunday School teacher who would be there that day, my husband insisted that he would stay home with Baby K while my mother and I went to church with our son.) I answered that we were fine, but then explained a little about Baby K. He immediately grew quite concerned and asked why had we not notified the church family to pray for her. As I squirmed in the seat trying to explain that it wasn't something that I felt was major enough to require an email to the congregation, he continued to shake his head and speak in a concerned voice. He then went on to relate how he had been visiting a dear sister from our church, Euri, who is in hospice care (one of my closest friends here in this city who I have wanted to write about) and she had asked about us and the children. He said he had told her that he thought we were fine, but now he would have to tell her to pray for us. She loves to pray for others even though she is so weak herself. (I will write about Euri soon as she is my dear friend and so much has happened.)
Back in the salon, our pastor finished his scolding and suggested that he pray right now for K. So we bowed our heads while the stylist finished up at the cash register and he prayed for us and Baby K. He must have spoken to the stylist about Euri on his previous visit because she knew about her situation and clucked her sympathy over it while she finished my hair cut. Who knew what a simple trip to First Choice Haircutters would yield on that cold Monday morning.

* I apologize for this poorly written post but I do not have time nor the attention to detail to explain it all as it should be done. Just know that I was deeply moved by our pastor's care in an unlikely place and by my friend Euri's concern for us.

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