Thursday, January 08, 2009

morning light

This dark wintry weekday morning like all others finds my husband rising just after six, showering and getting himself off to work while I snuggle down in the covers and try to drift back to sleep. Daylight does not come until at least the late hour of 7:30am.
Our son has his own role to play in this morning routine and his goes something like this:
Jump out of bed and jump into mommy and daddy's bed with no regard for where feet, legs, stomach or other important body parts may be comfortably resting.
Skooch around in the covers until there is no longer any warm and covered areas left.
Proceed to repeatedly ask when mommy is going to get up.

This morning he added a new part:
Bring a book to bed, loudly turn pages.
Jump off bed and go dig in his closet for something.
Come back to mommy's bed and resume reading book and loudly turning pages with the aid of a LED booklight so kindly left behind for him by his maternal grandmother.

Now to give him credit he did not begin flash the light in the direction of my eyes until AFTER he had finished looking at the book. Boredom must have set in.
So finally after having some silly conversation about rolling our beds downstairs to the living room where the heat was on, I begin to seriously consider getting up.
A few minutes later, we hear Baby K awakening so I know that morning is officially here.
Later as I return upstairs to shower this is what I find sitting on my bed abandoned by our early-bird son.
The book title really could not be more ironic if he had tried. (Notice the offending booklight tucked inside presumably to mark his spot for tomorrow morning's read?)

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  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    It's that inner timer........his is just like his daddy's and his Grampie before him.......he doesn't take after his Nannie!


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