Thursday, January 29, 2009

life lessons

A few years back I was involved with a Baptist forum where I spent most of my posts debating with non-Calvinists. Once when discussing God's sovereignty over man's decisions I put forth a hypothetical situation where in someone is rescued from the water simply because the color of their shirt was bright and able to be seen. I suggested to my opponent that while the person certainly chose the shirt earlier in the day freely with no seemingly outside influence, it conformed to the decreed plan of God for what that person would wear and thus be rescued because of. My brilliant argument was met with more disagreement. Fast forward to yesterday evening.
After having received generous amounts of snow all day, the contracted snowblowing guy did the main walkways, but not our individual paths or steps. No problem, I'll just surprise my husband and get it shoveled while we wait for him to come home. At this point, my son had already requested to play in the playcrib with his baby sister, so I would just head out for a couple of minutes and get the job done. As I pulled on my boots, I debated whether to add my winter jacket or just go out with my hoodie. After all, I was wearing my around the house pants, aka, my jamamas, no need to get too dressed up here.
In the end, I grabbed my winter coat with my scarf and gloves and headed out the front door. I had just pulled the door closed behind me when I realized my mistake. Gulp! The door is locked and son 5.5 years is not likely to be able to get out of the playcrib without hurting his masculine self. In a quick nanosecond of panic, I pound on the door with my mittened hand about four times. Oh well, I'll ring the doorbell when I'm done and maybe somehow he'll be able to get out and unlock the door for me. Or worse, I'll just have to wait another 15 minutes or so until my husband arrives home. As I shovel the steps and the pathway, I'm thinking.
Near the end of the path, it hits me. I pad down my right hand pocket. Yes! That's where I keep my keys most of the time. I DO have my keys! I'm smiling now. What a goof I am! Hope the neighbors aren't watching, all nineteen of them.
I finish shoveling, unlock the door and let myself back in the warm house. The kids are still playing and no one is the wiser. Oh my. Wait until I tell my husband this one. As I shrug out of my jacket and hang it back up I think, see God does care and plan what we wear! I felt vindicated...then I remembered myself pounding on the front door just a few minutes ago. I slink back into the kitchen humbled.

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