Friday, January 06, 2012

Epiphany 2012

As I wrote earlier this week, I am planning on celebrating the liturgical calendar with my family this year and hopefully in the years to come. I also wrote about the reading I had done leading up to this plan. So with Epiphany looming, I struggled to find some inspiration in the execution department. What do Protestant families do to celebrate this occasion? After dismissing various craft activities and king cake ideas that do not suit us, I wasn't left with much other than singing. What follows are some blurry photos that show our first family celebration of Epiphany.
Lots of candelight and fancy table settings were easy to do. Decorating with the wise men adoring King Jesus and some tangible representations of their gifts seemed in order. (The homemade gifts perhaps need some tweaking, but it was what I had on hand this week to work with. Golden wrapped box, glittery cologne bottle, and a sachet filled with incense items of orange, cinnamon and cloves.) We dressed up a bit for our celebratory feast and dined on chicken, rice pilaf and almond green beans which was simply an easy and popular meal for our family. Shane had to miss as he had already committed to another activity with his brother.
We took turns reading the portion from Matthew 2 and then sang We Three Kings and As With Gladness Men Of Old. I have copied the hymns and attached them to fancy cardstock to use in future years. Then Seth requested that we sing Psalm 103D which was a great addition to our celebration. We talked about the importance of the Magi being Gentiles and how God would bless the nations through Jesus Christ, a promise He had made to Abraham. Seth closed us with a prayer and we tried to get a photo of the four of us before the evening turned into clean-up, pajamas and bedtime routines.

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