Saturday, January 14, 2012


In my previous post, I ended by commending obedience to the complete Law of the Lord just as Jesus fully sought(and did)to obey it. And since I was raised to disregard the laws in the old covenant in favor of the new covenant, I now find myself unaware of how to correctly understand and obey all of God's commands.
Thankfully men like John Calvin and others have given themselves to the study of God's law and have written books and commentaries for us to read and discover its intended meaning. My responsibility is to avail myself of these studies and grow in understanding, the very thing I am excited to do.

Here are a few links to get you started thinking about this issue if you are new to this study.

What is General Equity
The general equity advocates the idea that the husk of the Old Testament civil law is discarded but the kernel of the matter remains. So, in the classic example, the requirement of fences being built around roof tops in the OT finds the husk of the requirement expired while the kernel of protecting your neighbor remains in a law, for example, that insists on building a fence around your pool.

A Conversation on the Law
The proper analogy is our own Constitution. There is the Constitution proper and then there is the case law that exemplifies what the Constitution means in concrete situations.

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