Thursday, January 05, 2012

singing and worship

I've posted about Psalm singing before and how nice it is to sing the words of God, especially together with other believers. Here are two more articles in praise of singing the Psalms.

Psalm Singing by Douglas Wilson. In the comments of the post are links to some videos of his church singing. Turn the volume way up and enjoy the sounds.
While we sing other hymns as well, we do want our dedication to psalms to be overt and evident. Psalms provide the backbone of our musical worship. Why is this?

Psalm Singing by Bret McAtee
The troops that carried those Psalms with them into battle were men who had been so shaped by the Psalms that it was natural for them to carry those songs with them as they were wading into a conflict that could very well find them meeting their Creator and Redeemer. What better way to meet God then to be fighting His battles singing His songs?

Just to be clear, neither of these two pastors and their respective churches sing the Psalms exclusively, but they see the value in singing them regularly.

And although this isn't about singing the Psalms, this clip does discuss other elements of a Sunday service. Also a good example of why the Lord's Supper can be celebrated once a week! Good thoughts all around. (btw, this is Pastor Doug Wilson answering questions, in case you're not familiar with him!)

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