Wednesday, January 04, 2012

jumbled together

Although not a homeschooling blog I read regularly, but this post did capture my mind today as I read through it. I was impressed with the wide variety of knowledge that is being read and discussed in that household. Knowledge that comes first from having a fear of the Lord and all His creation and works. To take time to be thinking and talking about all these things without school getting in the way. That seems to be true learning.
Read the post here: Can You Guess?

In other news, here is some snow footage taken over the last two weeks. Laura loves being out in the snow. She has cried at least two times over being brought in after extended play times in the snow.
And yes, the pathway in front of our house is currently the only part which is not a sheet of ice, all due to Shane's fastidious shoveling efforts every time it snowed or pelted ice. It has been hairy watching our neighbors traverse this icy path. It is currently snowing, so the ice is now hidden under fresh flakes. It's horrible, really. How it will be resolved is yet to be determined.

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