Friday, January 15, 2016

education dressed in Modernism

"I think one of the interesting aspects of Modernism came to focus in the death of God school as it surfaces, oh, around 1970. One of the points that Altizer, who was a leader in the school, made is one that is not often appreciated, but it is basic to Modernism, basic to Liberalism, basic to every aspect of this cultural force. The death of God school did not say that there is no God or that God is dead. Their point was that God is dead to us. Whoever he may be and whatever he may think, we don’t care. He is irrelevant to our lives and our interests. And this has been the very important aspect of Modernism as a whole. It was never that we have proven that there is no God or we believe there is no God. Some na├»ve Atheists have held that. But Modernism has not been Atheistic. It has been indifferent to the question outwardly, at least, because it has been so man centered, it does not care whether God exists or not. He is irrelevant for us, because everything is going to be in our hands."

~R.J. Rushdoony,  from the transcript of The Culture of Modernism, a discussion with Otto Scott

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