Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things I'd like to do in 2016

I wrote this list up more than two weeks ago during a spontaneous and lighthearted moment. Nothing more has come to mind since, so I thought it was time to post.

*Bake more apple pie pastry. Blueberry, peach and cherry too.
*Drink more wine. A couple of glasses (not bottles) a week more. White or red.
*Finish books on my shelf. Order more.
*Keep crafting.
*Keep only the things we like best. Actually I do this already. Donate, donate, donate.
*Buy more vinyl for our 'new-to-us' turntable. First two albums were used Karajan and a collection of Big Band/Swing/Jazz. My husband bought a Black Keys album brand new. They included a cd version. Classy.
*Date my husband more. I did marry him after all, I must like him.
*Leave more comments on blogs and social media.

p.s. Peaches were frozen from last summer. Pie crust is from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, a lovely book given to me by my dear friend Vanessa. I tweaked the recipe this time by adding a bunch of cinnamon to the dough, just because.

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