Friday, January 15, 2016


So we returned home from our Christmas travels to a bit of snow on the ground and these last two weeks have just added to the amount, but only a little bit at a time. Enough crystals to make everything white, enough cold to start some ice formations on the river and enough mounds to make snow forts and sledding hills. Almost everyday, Kate puts on all her snow gear herself and takes herself outside for a few laps. But she doesn't like the cold and due to her poor circulation, her hands and feet get cold very quick. So we put her in front of the heater and she finds a doll quilt made by her Nannie to become her own thawing spot.
Laura and Seth are more robust and determined to face the cold and ice to play, shovel, and sled just by themselves or with playmates. I have so many wonderful memories of winter play, it is hard to believe that I have turned into such an indoor hermit. But I did manage to take some time this week while the girls were napping and Seth doing his own lesson work to go for a nice long walk. I walked to the edge of the woods and started down the path only to hear incessantly knocking sounds from a tall tree just ahead of me off the path. I only managed a couple of photos of what I think is the female Pileated Woodpecker which I think must be fairly common in our area. My husband's former co-worker had problems with them around his home. Her mate was with her, but he flew off to another part of the woods and she did too, but I caught up with her again only a few more feet down the path. She posed one more time for me and then took off, her huge wings carrying her deeper into the woods. The amount of bark that they have removed from some of the trees is incredible. I don't know how those trees will cope. I also noticed different animal tracks in the snow which I would like to try and identify, especially those close to the river.
On my walk back, I played with the shadows a bit, creating giant steps and silly poses fully aware that someone might be watching me. Obviously I didn't let that stop me.
Yesterday we looked out while it was snowing and saw our little neighbor boy pushing his little green sand shovel through the holes in the fence to remove some of the snow. His rosy red cheeks and almost blond-white hair were so cute in contrast to the flakes of snow tumbling down around him. He didn't see us watching him and I took the photos without opening our back door so he was undisturbed in his play.
Laura is already asking if the river ice is ready to skate on, so I think she is a more eager skater than Seth who prefers walking around on it with his boots.  I took a bit of a drive after stopping by the library and I saw one boy skating on a rink in his spacious front yard while one of his parents skated around with a shovel removing the fresh snow. Bright floodlight from their garage gave them plenty of light to play and see by. I felt so glad for him, skating around on this home rink.
Winter gets a bad rap, but not being bitten by mosquitoes is a definite bonus. And when you consider the beauty in the formation of ice crystals, there is so much to admire. And we haven't even talked about the gorgeous soft pastel sunrises and sunsets you see this time of year. It's all wintery goodness.


  1. I agree, there is a lot to love about winter! You said it well.

    1. yes, your family embraces winter fun with much gusto! miss you!


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