Thursday, January 07, 2016

handmade Christmas

I included a few photos of crafty looking items in my previous December posts, but I didn't show everything properly, so that I could keep most of it under wraps. Finally today, everything has been put in its intended place so I took some photos to share.

Some of the projects were ideas seen on Pinterest, but the Swallows and Amazons bunting was for better or for worse, my own idea. I wanted to make something for my twelve year old son, Seth to mark our enjoyment of reading the Swallows and Amazons series aloud together, which he could take with him wherever he roams. Bunting seemed like a good choice, so I found templates for both mascots that came close to what is seen in the books. The handwritten flag was added at the last minute and I would have stitched it if I had both more time and talent for stitching lettering. I can always stitch over my handwritten letters if it starts to fade. The nautical rope fabric was a Providential find at the fabric store in the city and matches the navy of his curtains. Navy is classic, so I thought it would travel well.  I did fusible interfacing in between the bunting flags to give them some extra body, although this looks quite rumpled from the time it spent piled on his bottom bunk. Oh well, it can always be ironed again anytime.

This felt chain garland was one of the Pinterest ideas I saw, I think originally intended for car travel activities. I only used sticky-backed velcro and need to go back and sew some stitches on each piece because the velcro pull is so strong it comes off the felt more easily than I prefer. I thought it might be a nice decoration in addition to being something to play around with. For now, it's on Laura's bed, adding a bit of color to her white bed frame. I used my higher quality 100% wool felt from my stash, because of the colors and I thought it would last longer than the cheaper acrylic craft felt.

Last Christmas, I made this little Slumber Party box for Laura, trying my hand at making sleeping bags for any little creatures that might need one. This year, Seth and I found a different tutorial and he made several more for her.

These felt bandages seen on Pinterest were put together on Christmas Eve day by the kids and I to give to my niece, their cousin. We made more for our stuffies and dolls. Here Nursing Nina is getting a hurt paw looked after while her kittens drink their milk.

This gingerbread man was originally going to be a felt playset to make and rearrange, but when I showed my felt cut-outs to Laura, she wistfully asked if I could make it be a stuffie instead. Of course a hungry, clever fox was added to the mix.

If you search for playscape mat on Pinterest or any search engine, you will find many amazing handmade versions. Mine is a work in progress, but good enough to play with and enjoy for now. I mixed different types of wool in the felted areas and used mostly cotton fabrics machine-sewed into the other portions, the soft gray fleece being the base of the playmat. It came out alright considering near the end, I was sewing it right in front of Laura although I kept it as inconspicuous as possible. I knew she was getting the Shleich portable barn from my parents and the girls' little IKEA school table was a good size for me to aim for. It rolls up easily for storage or transporting and the felted parts can be easily poked back if they start to send out wispy ends. There are so many possibilities when making these type of playmats and playscapes. I have a few more ideas I would love to make, but for now, I'm enjoying watching her play with this one.

*I have been writing and organizing this post since this afternoon in between giving both girls baths at two different times, doing the laundry, making and cleaning up dinner and several other things. So please excuse any badly formed sentences or typos, I have proofread it multiple times but I'm sure there are still many issues. Most of my posting occurs in similar circumstances, but today seemed especially hectic. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.


  1. How LOVELY! The Swallows and Amazons bunting is BRILLIANT! :D I love your play mat fantastic! :)

  2. Those are wonderful gifts.

  3. You are so creative and talented! And I LOVE that you created something physical to help you and your son remember a series you enjoyed together.

    1. Thanks, Any. Just don't look too close, my sewing looks like I'm tipsy. :)

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    So creative & Inspiring .. I especially love all of the close up photos .. so sweet! .. oh and the felt gingerbread ❤️


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