Wednesday, January 07, 2015

a new church life

December brought us a new church family to get to know and begin worshiping with as a church plant in our city begins to meet on Sunday mornings. I say a new church family, but we know many of the families already, so it's not entirely new, just a new venue and a new pastor.
While the transition from one church to another has not been without heartache or nervous anticipation, so far we are thrilled to make the move. It helps to be able to keep our old friendships with cherished families despite attending different churches for a time. The first time we were able to join this fledgling group was an outdoor Christmas caroling time on a very cold Sunday afternoon. Spirits were happy and joyful despite the freezing temperatures.  We had our first Sunday morning worship before Christmas and we are having our second this coming Lord's Day. Worshiping with God's people is glorious. The pictures below are from a Christmas carol sing hosted by one of the wonderful families we are getting to know.

It was a very enjoyable evening together and Seth even got to play ping-pong with friends.  A house that has a ping-pong table is special indeed! It is one of my childhood favorite memories, playing ping-pong in our basement.

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