Wednesday, January 07, 2015

the missing book list

I don't have a real November/December book list other than the Christmas book post I already put up. And that's because I sadly only finished one book, No Holly for Miss Quinn, a lovely Miss Read book.
November was not the easiest month for our family as we were facing difficulties at our church and beginning the transitioning to our new church family which meant dealing with lots of emails and difficult conversations.  Shane and I often opted to watch something together in our room after the kids were in bed to help wind down the emotions and discussions.

The little bit of reading I did do didn't amount to finishing any more books, so the stacks have grown and by the time the January/February book list rolls around, I hope to have made up for this dismal showing. In the meantime here a few stacks of ordered books that arrived back in December with my mother. I haven't started any of them yet. I found a good collection of Wodehouse on ebay that are more of his stand-alone stories rather than the series. I do intend to collect the series like Psmith and Jeeves and Wooster, but I have some of them already to read.

a but blurry, but that is Ruth Sawyer's The Year of Jubilo, found for a steal finally on ebay.

And this is small selection of books are from the library that I've been trying to read in bits and pieces.  The second Alexander book, not seen here,  A Pattern Language sadly had to be returned to library, but I enjoyed the parts I did get to look through. Used copies appear to be pricey, so I may have to settle with using the library's copy.

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