Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas prep and Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas morning with our own family and after eating our Christmas ham dinner, we cleaned up and took our baking and presents over to Shane's brother's house. We spent the afternoon with my sister-in-law and her family and then headed back home later in the afternoon to get ready for our Pennsylvania travels on Boxing Day. The kids received so many wonderful things, items that they had asked for and many that I just knew that they would like. It was great to share in their joy and watch them give thanks with hugs and shy smiles.


  1. Heather~ Your black-bottom cupcakes look SO much tastier than mine. What's your secret? ~Stacy

  2. I don't know. :)
    I do try to not overbake, but other than that, I follow my mom's recipe.

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I love your Christmas tags .. and your felt handmades .. where do you buy your felt? do you prefer wool felt or poly?
    So many lovely pictures of your Holidays!


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