Friday, January 16, 2015


I simply cannot capture the soft and oh-so-pretty colors that are in the sky both morning and evening. My camera takes away the creamy, mourning dove shades, the icy pink sherbert hues and just dulls everything into flat colors, like the fizz has gone out. But if you could see it, you would want to paint it, even if your finished canvas missed what your mind saw, you would still be able to enjoy mixing the wet paint, soothed by the quiet pastels. I don't know if I will ever be able to paint, but looking at what others can do gives me hope that perhaps it wouldn't hurt to try.

We took in a performance of this in our local performing arts center, enjoying the music and the acting. I have several fond memories of being shepherded with classmates into a symphony hall to see several orchestral productions and I wanted those memories for my kids as well. The richness of the elaborate hall, the lights and instruments working to create an atmosphere and the actors using every part of themselves to tell the story, all of it coming together, helping to create images and stir the imagination of the soul.  I could have stayed all day. My children became more practical when they learned that we would be eating lunch out, but even those memories aren't too shabby.

The skater gliding around the tin rink was an idea snagged from here. I did not draw my own skater, I simply found her in a winter doodle book and shrank her to fit her rink. A fancy backdrop would have been nice, but stickered snowflakes is what she twirls and dips to. I have more tins left and a few different projects still to try out which I have stashed under my Pinterest Play board.

Laura arranged a tea party and asked us all to come and join her. By the time I took a break from slurping "tea" and crunching carrots and apple slices to go get the camera, the food was gone and the stuffed creatures moved in to eat up the crumbs and crowned frogs.

And then there is Kate. Kate is a people person. Kate loves clothes and accessories. Kate likes to help clean up and put things away. Combine those and you get a stylish little helper who latches onto every household task with zeal and dedication.

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  1. Love the wee rabbit in its sleeping bag at the top of your blog, Heather. Very cute!


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