Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas with my family

We had a beautiful mild day traveling to my parents' home. At the rest stop in NY, the grass was so green and the sky so blue, it didn't feel at all like Christmas or winter. The mild weather continued all through our visit which meant lots of time to play outside and use that hill for all sorts of fun and exercise. Kate's outfits were all her own picks and it wasn't until I saw the picture of her standing with the other kids that I felt bad I hadn't changed her clothes. Oh well, she is special and her new blue sequinned skirt did need to be aired out after all the time she was spending wearing it.

We visited with my sister's family and then on Sunday, we all headed over to my brother's house where he was tending his fire and some of us were watching football.  Seth had a grand time playing with my nephews, but when it was time for us to take the girls home and put them to bed at my parents', he changed his mind and opted to come with us instead of staying longer, because as he confessed in the car, he was homesick, more like parent-sick, he thought. Bedtime has a way of making us appreciate the constant things in our life.

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